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Temperature Switch P

Temperature Switch P

Area of Application

The temperature detector P is used wherever protection against overtemperatures is required. Specific applications include: protection of primary windings in transformers, winding protection in small electric motors and general temperature protection of small electric equipment.

Mounting brackets or clips available.


The temperature detector P operates independent from any current supply. Temperature detection is effected by means of a bimetal disc which was first dimensioned in accordance with the required cut-off temperature TA. When this fixed cut-off temperature TA is reached, this bimetal disc will snaps over, breaking a contact system and thereby interrupting the electric circuit of the device to be protected. After cooling down and reaching the cut-in temperature TE, the bimetal disc will automatically return into its original position, thus re-establishing the contact. The electric circuit is closed again.

Temperature Detector P
U-Clip 506100
Mounting bracket 506005
U-Clip 506101
Mounting brackets 506000-506003

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