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CANbus keypads in special purpose vehicles

Special purpose vehicles (SPVs) are vital across various industries, from construction and agriculture to emergency response and transportation. These vehicles often have complex systems requiring precise control and communication. In this blog, we look at how CANbus keypads play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of these vehicles and what to consider when specifying a keypad.

Why choose a CANbus keypad?

Advantages include:

  1. Reduced wiring complexity
    Traditional Human Machine Interfaces often require a web of wires, with each button or switch needing its own connection. CANbus keypads simplify this, using a network-based approach that only requires a few wires to connect multiple keypads and other devices, reducing complexity and potential points of failure.
  2. Flexibility and expandability
    SPVs often have evolving requirements and CANbus keypads make it easy to add new devices or functionalities without extensive re-wiring.
  3. Improved reliability and robustness
    CANbus technology is built for tough environments. resisting electrical interference, noise, and vibrations. This makes it ideal for SPVs, which often must operate in harsh conditions.
  4. Simplified troubleshooting and diagnostics
    Since all the devices on a CANbus network communicate through a common data bus, diagnostic information can be easily retrieved and monitored making maintenance and repairs more straightforward.
  5. Enhanced functionality and customisation
    CANbus keypads can be programmed to perform complex functions or sequences with just a press of a button. This allows vehicle manufacturers or operators to customise the controls to suit specific needs or workflows.
  6. Interoperability with other systems
    SPVs often integrate with multiple systems such as lighting, hydraulic controls and sensors. CANbus keypads ensure compatibility and seamless communication between them, enhancing overall vehicle integration and operation.

Specifying a digital keypad for a special purpose vehicle

When you’re specifying a digital keypad for a SPV there are a few key factors to keep in mind. These include the desired functionality, the communication interface, environmental factors such as operating conditions and resistance to shock and vibration, and the overall durability of the keypad. Usability and ergonomics are also crucial to ensure the keypad is easy to use, even in challenging conditions.

Example applications and digital keypad solutions supplied by Limitor

  • To control various functions on suction excavators, allowing operators to manage the vacuum system effectively.
  • In agricultural vehicles for straightforward control of slurry tank operations
  • In the cabin of industrial cleaning machines for precise control of cleaning functions.
  • A safe and simple interface to activate mobile lifts on trucks.
  • Management of crucial equipment to ensure smooth operation of fire trucks.

Digital keypads simplify complex actions and make them easy to manage. If you’d like to know more about the range we offer from our supplier Blink Marine, and the customisation options available, please contact us. We’re keen to discuss your specific needs and find the right solution for your SPV.

Article published on: 2024. 05. 02.

Article last updated on: 2024. 05. 13.