Limitor - Contract manufacturing

We are a german company with headquarters in Urbach (near Stuttgart) with a production plant in Pécs, Hungary

We guarantee short delivery times with our own logistics.

We offer you our expertise in the areas of:

  • Assembly of different elements down to the smallest components (following your instructions or our own regulations)
  • Manufacturing equipment design and production
  • Wire confection and crimping, cable harness
  • Soldering with robots or hand
  • Welding with welding automats
  • Electric testing and measuring from small voltage range up to hi-pot testing
  • Thermic measurements with special ovens/temperature tunnels
  • Printing of components with pad printer, inkjet or laser marking.
  • Sealing of components
  • etc.

All activities are monitored and controlled by our production management and quality department.

If you too would profit from the possibilities of economical contract manufacturing, do not hesitate to contact us.