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A day in the production of household appliances

The Variohm Group consists of several companies that support each other, share knowledge and yet continue to operate independently. Together, they offer a wide variety of products used in a wide range of industries. Limitor has, among others, protection elements and thermal sensors in its product range. These are installed in many household appliances that are used daily.


A manufacturer of household appliances often does not specialise in just one appliance, but builds various kitchen appliances, and in different versions. These are, for example, blenders, mixers and combinations of these individual components. In production, this could mean that different appliances are built with different thermal protection elements.

Mixer with various temperature fuses and temperature monitors

There are mixers that use a temperature monitor to control the temperature and to maintain a desired temperature for optimal performance. A temperature detector is a device that measures temperature and provides an electrical output signal proportional to the temperature being sensed.

In other mixers they use thermal fuses. A thermal fuse is designed to interrupt the electrical current flow when it senses that the temperature of the device or component it is protecting has exceeded a specified temperature limit. Its main task is to ensure the safety of the device, in this case mixers.

On another production line, another mixer series is produced using temperature limiters. The temperature limiter is typically used to prevent overheating and potential fire hazards, and to maintain a desired temperature for optimal performance.

When the temperature limit is exceeded, the temperature limiter triggers an action to limit or control the temperature. The specific action taken can vary depending on the device and the application, but a common action is shutting off power.


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Article published on: 16/02/2023

Article last updated on: 20/06/2023