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Temperature Limiter

Our own production produces high-quality, customized temperature limiters. For standard solutions, we also offer a wide range of stock products. 

Our temperature limiters are used wherever protection against excess temperature is required or necessary and automatic restarting of the device to be protected after subsequent cooling is undesirable or not permitted.

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Temperature Limiter Q

  • Bimetallic thermal switch with self-holding function
  • Up to 6.5 A
  • 40 - 150° C

Current and Temperature Limiter Y

  • Bimetal thermal switch with self-holding and tripping function
  • Up to 9.6 A
  • 40 -150°C 

Bimetal Thermostat KO, KS, KB, SO

  • Temperature Switch Controller / Limiter 
  • Up to 16.0 A 
  • -25 - 350 °C

Bimetal Thermostat TK24/ TK32 Series

Termperature switch, Controller / Limiter, Up to 16.0A

Bimetal Thermostat KSD Series

  • Temperature Switch Controller / Limiter
  • Up to 25.0 A
  • 0 - 280 °C