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Vállalat történet

  • 1979 -

    Founding of the company Limitor GmbH that operates purely as a trading company

  • 1989 -

    Limitor starts to develop and produce own products. These are temperature switches with a special current sensitivity and electronic latching / self-holding.

  • 1992 -

    The first contact between Limitor Ltd. and ERNI Elektroapparate Ltd. took place with the aim of possible cooperation because of the common field in their products. ERNI purchases 51% of the company shares.

  • 1993 -

    ERNI raises its shares to 100% and transfers the company’s location from Pforzheim to the company headquarters in Schorndorf.

  • 1994 -

    The company Limitor is dissolved and integrated into ERNI Elektroapparate Ltd. as a business area.

  • 2000 -

    The tremendous growth of ERNI Elektroapparate Ltd. on the one hand and the differences in the product-assortment of goods on the market between the core business of the parent company and the business area Limitor on the other hand result in the decision to spin off the business area Limitor from the enterprise.

  • 2001 -

    Founding of Limitor GmbH.

  • 2002 -

    Taking up operative business activities as an independent enterprise under new leadership.

  • 2003 -

    Positive development in the first year requires an expansion of capacity. The production centre in Hungary starts operating.

  • 2004 -

    Halfway through the year, the previous two production sites have been merged into the new production centre in Hungary within the course of optimisation.

  • 2005 -

    Start of sales cooperation with an Italian partner (Blink Srl).

  • 2012 -

    In 2012 we celebrated our 10-years jubilee, retrospective to a very successful time. We’ve increased the volume of sales to more than the double and also significantly extended the range of our products.

  • 2012 -

    In December 2012 our manufacturing plant Limitor Kft moved to a new industrial building in Pécs, Hungary. Thereby the production area expanded to ca. 2.700 m2. New cooperation: after many years of successful cooperation with the Italian company Blink S.r.l. we raise our connection to the next level to form new synergies. We’ll build a new distribution network where development and manufacturing experts work together on projects for European and Asian customers. We’ll broaden our product and trade spectrum as well with electronical parts for the automotive and nautical branches.

  • 2016 -

    New sales partnership with our French partner (H2IT International technologies SAS, Mr Heckinger)

  • 2018 -

    Founding of Limitor Solutions GmbH to create new business activities as well

  • 2020 -

    On December 4th. 2020, the business and assets of Limitor were acquired by discoverIE Group plc. Limitor will join the Variohm Group but will continue to operate independently under its own brand.